That is the point at which the muscles can now relax

The denser areas of the body ”sink’ into the foam but this has no effect on the foam around these areas that can remain firm allowing for the support of the gentle and severe curves found throughout the body. Whether seated or prone the maintenance of good posture is the key to momentary comfort and long term wellbeing.

A good quality memory foam product whether they are mattress toppers, full mattresses or orthopaedic supports like lumbar rolls or neck supports are all made with memory foam constructed to a density of 55-60kg/m³. That is the point at which the muscles can now relax and the therapeutic properties of this remarkable product is fully realised.

This is ideal for heavier and larger parts of your body but quite ineffectual for the smaller more sensitive areas.There are a wide variety of orthopaedic posture support aids on the market designed to help us maintain the correct posture.

To maintain this high level of support without building up pressure and restricting blood flow requires a substance that retains a residual ‘softness’. Remembering we are all food container mould Manufacturers shaped differently it is important to use the correct orthopaedic support best suited to you